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How Much Do You Know About US Currency? Take the Dollar Quiz and Find Out

We all love a night in watching our favourite quiz show, feeling super clever about every answer we know. But have you ever wondered how you would handle being a quiz show contestant? Well, with our free "Who wants to be a Millionaire" (WWTBAM) game template for PowerPoint you can finally find out!

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  • Millionaire Quiz is an online take of the classic TV game show who wants to be a millionaire. Now you can play for free online and try to correctly answer all of those 15 difficult questions. A million dollars is at stake, work your way up the money board by correctly answering questions to get your shot at winning the jackpot. You will face questions in all different categories and with increasing difficulty the further that you get in the game. If you get stuck use the lifelines available to you to narrow down the possible answers. If you get an answer wrong the game over! Good luck!Release DateThe game was initially released in November 2016 and was updated in October 2018.FeaturesFive question categories

  • 15 questions

  • 30 seconds to answer each question

  • Three help options

  • Fun theme

PlatformsWeb browser (desktop and mobile)ControlsPress left mouse button to choose an answer.AdvertisementCasual

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How did an online eyewear business use a quiz to generate over $1.1million in 6 months? They created a short 9 question quiz: "What glasses frame matchesyour personality". This simple personality style quiz assigns a style of eyewear based upon your answers. "What is your favorite decade?" "Pick a celebrity icon" The answers were presented as image options, more Buzzfeed than business. Quiztakers were given the option to signup for the Zenni newsletter as well as their eyewear style and a link to those styles on the Zenni website. Backed with savvy search marketing the quiz generated over $1.1 million dollars in revenue.

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