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What's New in Among Us 5.1 APK? Find Out Here and Download Now

Among Us is a multiplayer game that can also be played online between friends via wifi or LAN. It requires 4-10 players to become your Crewmates, with one to three Imposters among you. Crewmates have to finish various tasks onboard the spaceship and figure out who the Imposters are.

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Among Us is a strategy game where the players have to complete task by playing crew-mates that prepare for a launch of space ship. The twist lay in the existence of impostor amongst the players, whose task is to sabotage the project and knock off the crew. The impostor has to pick players as the game progresses. In the game, I can pause and discuss through emergency meetings in order to vote for the traitors, and kick them off of the ship. It limits the players to 10 users both in local and online versions.

Elliott Osange of Bonus Stage considered that the game is "silly fun", but felt that is more fun "to be an Impostor".[120] Craig Pearson of Rock, Paper, Shotgun had the same opinion, found playing as an Impostor "a lot more fun" than playing as a Crewmate, which he called "exhausting".[12] In reference to the game's popularity among streamers, Evelyn Lau of The National said: "Watching the reactions of people trying to guess who the imposter is (and sometimes getting it very wrong) or lying terribly about not being the imposter is all quite entertaining."[11] Alice O'Conner of Rock, Paper, Shotgun described the game as "Mafia or Werewolf but with minigames".[121] Andrew Penney of TheGamer said the game was "worth it for the price" and that "who you play with dictates how fun the game is."[122] L'avis de Tiraxa of praised the game's Freeplay mode, which offers newer players "to browse the map alone to accommodate the places", as they would need to play several games in order to "perfect their strategies".[112]

Epic Games featured a community-created game mode in Fortnite Creative in December 2020 called "The Spy Within", which had very similar mechanics to Among Us, in which among ten players, the others have to complete tasks to earn enough coins within a limited time while trying to deduce which two players are trying to sabotage that effort.[170] Epic later added another (official and internally-developed) limited mode to Fortnite called "Impostors" in August 2021, which was recognized as even a closer take on Among Us, as the same basic mechanics as "The Spy Within" were used, but now taking place within an underground bunker with a layout similar to the Among Us map. Innersloth responded in frustration to this mode, which gave no credit to Innersloth. Innersloth's co-founder Marcus Bromander stated "Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into putting your own spin on it though?", while studio representative Callum Underwood said that Innersloth was open to collaborations, "Just ask and if you follow some basic rules it's usually fine".[171] In an October 2021 blog posting, Epic Games did credit Innersloth and Among Us as inspirations for the "Impostors" mode.[172] On June 17, 2022, both Epic and Innersloth announced a collab between Fortnite and Among Us, with a "back bling" of a crewmate in interchangeable colors and the "Distraction Dance" from Innersloth's Henry Stickmin franchise available in the Fortnite item shop.[173]

Aside from a good simple storyline, among us is known for its simple gameplay, charming pixel art style, and social deduction elements. Which makes it enjoyable for players of any age. Similar to PUBG, among us can be played with friends online or with complete strangers through matchmaking.

The only free ways that you can install and play among us for free are on Android and iOS devices. However, if you are looking into installing and testing an among us game on your PC you must use the steam deck. And playing a game using steam on a computer is not free However Android developers have developed emulators which can easily be installed on any computer including Mac and windows. In simple terms, Android emulators bring the Android environment into the PC where you can get or experience Android on your computer.

If you want to install among us on Windows 11 without an emulator first you must install Windows subsystem for Android, then install the WSA package manager. Following that download Among us APK and Install it.

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