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How to Avoid ReDoS Attacks with Secure Regular Expressions

In some cases, you might be using JDBC on Linux to download archived redo logs and experience long latency times and connection resets. In such cases, the issues might be caused by the default random number generator setting on your Java client. We recommend setting your JDBC drivers to use a nonblocking random number generator.

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You can download archived redo logs on your DB instance using the rdsadmin.rdsadmin_archive_log_download package. If archived redo logs are no longer on your DB instance, you might want to download them again from Amazon S3. Then you can mine the logs or use them to recover or replicate your database.

If logs aren't on your instance but are protected by your backup retention period, use rdsadmin.rdsadmin_archive_log_download to download them again. RDS for Oracle saves the logs to the /rdsdbdata/log/arch directory on your DB instance.

You can view the status of your download task in a bdump file. The bdump files have the path name /rdsdbdata/log/trace/dbtask-task-id.log. In the preceding download step, you run a SELECT statement that returns the task ID in a VARCHAR2 data type. For more information, see similar examples in Monitoring the status of a file transfer.

To download a series of archived redo logs to the /rdsdbdata/log/arch directory, use download_logs_in_seqnum_range. Your download is limited to 300 logs per request. The download_logs_in_seqnum_range procedure has the following parameters.

@Spotty...(Quote) Wouldn't that just increase the likelihood of ending up with corrupted files? What type of internet do you have, download speed? How large are the files you are downloading which are failing? You would save more time by identifying why the downloads are failing and fixing the problem.(End Quote)

If I try to look at a website with images any downloading stream will get torn up and probably lost completely. Lunch or after 5pm ...don't even try. Even if I get a DL window the DL will die in minutes or less.

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@mariushm (Quote)That assumes the remote server supports resume, not all do. If the server doesn't support resume, your file may be overwritten and download will start from 0.It depends also on how the file is produced, some files are generated on-the-fly extracted from bigger files, or merge