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Sardegna, 2021-23

The project 'Origini' was born from the need to research my own origins and my past, but also my present, in a land that has been in my blood for generations: Sardinia. The project aims to communicate art in an unconventional and inclusive way, translating my past in a modern language, bringing the costumes and settings of a lost era back to life through portrait poses in the people I portray today. For this I have chosen to recount - through images turned into black and white and antiqued - the most authentic Sardinia, its' beating heart: the mountainous Barbagia and the Gens Barbaricina, already known to the ancient Romans. In a vast territory at the island's interior, which extends around present-day Nuoro and consists of a population of only 120.000 inhabitants, the inscrutability of these people has been poorly documented and valued by historians and sociologists. With photography, I aim to trace the line from the inhabitants of today to their ancient lineage.



This land made of myth and legend, many still to be discovered, is for me a place to explore, parting from small villages and towns, where customs, costumes and traditions are still alive and still today blend ancient myth with contemporary life.

Through folklore, the population that handed down, from generation to generation, the real nature of Barbagia, which cannot be found in textbooks.

The photography project enhances the folkloristic part but with a contemporary eye. Each shot is cultivated to not catch uses and  costumes in a specific time, but to suspend them in a limbo. The poses and the cut enhance the clothes, faces and all the anthropological and landscape characteristics that make Barbagia unique 


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