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A Bit About Me

Melissa Marcello was born in 1991 in San Remo, Italy and moved to Milan at the age of 18 to start working as a fashion photographer.  

A few years later, she started following an undergraduate course in Communication, Media and Publicity at IULM University in Milan, which was followed by a Master’s degree in Art, Valorisation and Market, completed successfully in 2023.

2018 was a turning-point year for Melissa Marcello: she threw off the straitjacket of fashion photography and started to include drawing and painting into photography technique. This is how her project UTPICTURA was born. In 2020 her second important project took form: ORIGINI, which was followed two years later by RITUALI, then by EFFIMERA, and in 2023 by VEDERE L’IMMAGINARIO (“seeing the imaginary”).

Melissa Marcello is a member of two Italian photography collectives, TIF and Donne Fotografe.

In 2018, she held a lecture at the University of Milan on the topic of promoting culture and communication on social media and in 2021 she was a public speaker at a symposium on crypto art at Triennale di Milano held by Fondazione Maineri 

At the moment, the artist is living and working between Milan, Sardinia and the Netherlands on other projects focusing on nature, unifying antique printing technique with contemporary art.


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